Hi, Strangers!

It’s been a while since I have sat down to write. A lot has happened since my post so let’s get you all caught up! The past few weeks have been some of the more challenging weeks since entering the “real world.” Between work, wedding planning, planning to move and some family things, my thoughts and time have been pretty occupied.
Let’s start with the worst and work out way to the good stuff. I don’t even remember if I posted about this before but since September 2016 my family has been on a roller-coaster ride called cancer. Our sweet grandpa was diagnosed and treated for a little spot on his lung. He went through treatment and was told that it was a success! However, towards the end of March he got really sick again. All of a sudden he was stage 4 and we were told it was everywhere. Within two weeks he went to be with Jesus. I literally cannot believe that it’s real life. The whole thing happened so quickly which has positives and negatives to it. It’s a major blessing that he didn’t have to suffer any longer than he did. We are all so thankful for that. Then in my joy that he is no longer in pain, I realize that I will never hear him laugh, tell a dirty joke, or see his face light up with pride for his family ever again and it makes it pretty bittersweet. I’m so glad I got to tell him everything I needed to and that he got to see me in my wedding dress, even if it was just a picture. He won’t be at my wedding or meet my kids but I know that he will let us know that he is watching over us and he’s the best guardian angel you’d ever want! I aspire to live my life like he did, honoring God, loving my family and always making time for laughter and mischief. Life is so short you guys, live it authentically.
Let’s switch the mood, shall we? I get to marry the love of my life in 92 days! We cannot wait! We have been making a lot of changes in our relationship to benefit our future marriage and mentally preparing for the actual day. I say mentally preparing because there are SO many things that have to happen in one day, not even 24 hours actually. We plan and stress for a half of a day. It’s INSANE you guys. I’d love to say that wedding planning has been so much fun but it’s a logistical nightmare sometimes. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am actually really excited now for the first time since I got my dress back in December because all of the big decisions have been made! Monday I decided to completely can my décor for the reception. It was the best thing ever! I have a new, much simpler, plan that will look just as good and save my money and more importantly a headache. At a certain point you seriously just start to pay more so that you don’t go insane. I’m not proud to admit it but it is what it is. So all of this to say, for the first time since I started planning I can finally get excited about things and my eyes probably won’t glaze over when someone asks me how wedding planning is going haha.
Before we get married I will move into our apartment and Max will join me in August. Moving two months before a wedding? Some may think, “you’re nuts.” Well maybe I am but I am actually so excited and I’m not stressing one bit. I think my non-stress has stressed Max out! Ha. I just don’t worry about things like that. Sure, moving is a pain but once everything is in the apartment I get to nest. I LIVE for nesting. I love making places feel like home. The biggest thing is this will be the first place that I have lived at all by myself. I won’t have everything that I own in my bedroom, I can organize my kitchen how I want it, I will have all of the décor I like. Before you all think “poor max”, he is getting a whole room that I am centering around his things. He also could care less and knows nothing about décor so, there you have it. I am just so excited to start our life together and moving into our apartment is just another step closer.
As always, thank you for taking your time to read that I have to say. I will try not to wait so long to post next time!
xo- Mary

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