Changes and Challenges 

With change and growth comes discomfort and excitement all at the same time. It’s a weird experience full of conflicting emotions. When my family moved of course I was sad but I was also excited to move on to my next phase in life. God provided the best opportunity for my living situation. I moved into a house with three girls, two of which I didn’t know and one that I had only met a few times but it has been the perfect place for me these past eight months. I always know that God had his hand in something when it works out as well as this did. Another perk, Max found a house seven minutes down the road on the same street! That brings me to another positive thing that that came from my family’s move. My relationship with Max grew in ways I never knew were possible. Before our parents moved away we both lived at home so the quality time was limited. As he knows, quality time is a necessity to keep me sane. I need it. Now that we both have our own houses, that time is easier to come by. It has brought us closer that I could ever imagined! All I wanted was more alone time with my boyfriend but it ended up being so much more than that. We do life together. We go to the gym, go to church, grocery shop, meal prep, and watch The Bachelor while Max tells me how wrong it is. Shhh, I know but I can’t stop, okay? But really now that we are engaged it is nice to get a taste of what married life will be like. If our families hadn’t moved, we wouldn’t have had this experience! Silver linings people! 

Another big change that happened is in my relationship with my mom. Every day I realize that I am becoming her little by little. I have her spunk, huge heart, and her conflict resolution skills. Which we like to laugh about quite frequently. But for real my mom is my best friend. Growing up that is all I wanted but she just wouldn’t have it and now I understand. I didn’t need another friend, I needed a mom. Had she been my friend and let me get away with my snotty attitude I would not be the person I am today so thank you, mom. She is my sounding board, advice giver, and we both have the same sick sense of humor. Meaning people getting hurt is hilarious to us. Sorry non sorry. It will more than likely never change. Okay I’ve gotten away from the point. My mom moved away and I call her at least once If not twice a day. I can’t get one of her hugs every day but I CAN hear her voice and that is the next best thing. My dad thinks that we are nuts because we sit on the phone and sometimes don’t even talk because we are both doing something but we’re just hanging out, long distance style. I seriously get jealous when she is with friends because I want to call and talk to her! I’ll get over it though. She is making some amazing friends in Richmond and I am so happy for her! She has a busier social calendar than I do, seriously. Not that mine is anything to brag about, ha! I just like being at home, okay? The moral of the story is my mom is amazing and in some weird way I think this new phase in both of our lives has brought us closer. Fun fact: all of my friends call her Jeanne B and aside from all of her other amazing qualities she is the best cook. Maybe I’ll convince her to write a guest piece on her famous cheesecake. Aside from cooking she has many amazing qualities and holds a lot of wisdom. You will all love her.

I like to refer to this whole phase in my life as “the move.” Along with the unexpected blessings it came with difficulties as well. With both of our parents living out east, the holidays have become stressful to even think about. The majority of Max’s family is in the Albany area while mine is 10 hours away in Richmond. Mix in very little PTO and a wedding and honeymoon and things get complicated. I also really miss my dog almost as much as the rest of my family. My 6-year-old golden retriever has the sweetest soul. Dogs are a gift from God. Seriously, they are the best and Henry is one of a kind. Let’s add to the list the difficult things the topic of wedding planning when your mom and mother in law are on the other side of the country. That’s a fun one. I don’t say all of this to complain. While it is not easy, I know there is a huge lesson in all of these little things: trust God. This is something that I know but don’t always remember in those tough moments and when I don’t, I always question why I continue to forget that He is so faithful! I have countless examples of times where he was faithful and provided exactly what I needed. So for all of these challenges, I need to let go and let God handle them. I have never been disappointed and I promise, neither will you!

xo – Mary 

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